HDB 4-Room Unique Black And White Design

HDB 4-Room Unique Black And White Design

Some people might find this design too confusing and stressful due to the uncommon lines, forms and shapes of the interior, especially in the living room. For others, the uniqueness of the lines and forms is what makes the environment so special.

In essence, this is not your classic black and white combination. Most black and white combinations tend to be used for minimalistic designs, straight lines and deliver simple and classy elegance.

In this case, the designer does completely the opposite. Nothing is simple in the design, with elements thrown into the fire as randomly as possible. But what looks like random, it is essentially carefully planned design. It is harder to create chaos than order, and this designer proves he can pull it off.

However, once you leave the dining room and the living room, you are greeted with simpler, more normal and common design. And that is exactly the goal here, as the designer has created contrast within the apartment. Half the apartment is in chaos, while the other is in perfect order.