HDB 4-Room Scandinavian Industrial At Blk 288 Bishan

HDB 4-Room Scandinavian Industrial At Blk 288 Bishan

What makes this apartment unique is the shape of the rooms. It is an underrated detail, that many people do not pay attention to, but it is an interesting twist.

Many people are used to rectangular and square shaped rooms, but in this case, we have two rooms that have triangular and trapezoid form.

But let’s start from the living area, the only room with standard, regular shape. The highlight of the room is the industrial like wall, but there are many other elements that enrich the room.

It is stunning how the designer has managed to mix and match colors, fabric and texture. Every color in the living room has its own accompanied piece.

For example, the brown color of the flooring is also displayed on the top of the dining table. Black is introduced in the living room in subtle ways, such as the table legs of the dining table.

Getting to the entry hall and the kitchen, these are the areas where the designer uses irregular forms and shapes. And while the elements are in regular shapes, the layout is what gives this mix and interesting twist.