Most young couples or millennials opt for the modern contemporary design when fixing their home. This is because texture is very much evident in the decor, prints and colors used to design the apartment. It is instantly appealing to the eye and can even be a conversation starter.

The living room for example is very much modern and chic. The use of pink lights and a deep ceiling instantly creates the illusion of depth in the space. The prints on the wall and the swirly design on the partition cabinet gives the texture and character to the area.

The dining area is simple yet very chic and modern as it should be. Six black chairs surround the glass table. The printed walls make the room look brighter and contemporary in contrast to the chairs. The use of white light complemented the whole design of the space.

The bedroom is uniquely designed, taking into consideration the personality of the owner. The bed is placed on a raised platform, that incorporates glass into it. Mirrors double the expanse of the space as it creates a 3D illusion of the whole area.

The study room uses a stimulating color palette – yellow, orange, white and black. To maximize the space, ceiling to floor cabinets are placed at the corners, with the shoe cabinets also serving as seats.

Printed walls are also evident in this bedroom, similar to the one in the living area. The pattern and color is different, however the concept to use print for the walls to add color and life was incorporated to the design of this space. A mirror is once again used to create the feeling of a bigger area.

The bathroom is every bit modern and contemporary. The pops of color alone speaks volumes in keeping to the design concept. Against the stark white walls and the grey tiled floor, blue tiles line up above and below the mirror, adding life to the room. The yellow plant box gives the bathroom the quirkiness normally associated with a modern contemporary design.