HDB 4-Room Modern Resort @ Blk 10a Boon Tiong Rd

HDB 4-Room Modern Resort @ Blk 10a Boon Tiong Rd

The designer manages to mix different materials and designs to perfection. Every single room has at least three different materials and designs in it, and the success of the designer lies in his ability to blend them together.

Let’s start from the living room, where you have a leather sofa, rugged wallpaper, wooden furniture and glass made club table. Few people can think of all those combinations in one sentence, let alone pull it off.

The kitchen follows the same scheme as well, but different materials. Marble, tiles, wood, you’ve got everything in it.

But the star of the show must be the bedroom. There are no two same walls in the bedroom. Every single piece is a story of itself, a room within the room. But the visual outlook is perfect. All the pieces come together, giving the sum an ideal look.