HDB 4-Room Flat @ Simei

HDB 4-Room Flat Simei

HDB 4-Room Flat @ Simei

The owner want this new place to have cozy bar feeling and modern bark sitting. The comic poster show the fun & youthful character of the owner.

Who’s to say that adults cannot act like teenagers? The futuristic design of the interior, and very much kid alike confirms the premise.

Emphasized by the comic poster of Superman, the living room is a get around space for young adults at full display. Black and red combination, a unique club table in the center, and lots of pillows is what makes the room one where people can sit, chat and laugh with days.

The rest of the apartment follows the bar like theme. The best part is, it actually looks modern, unique, unconventional and stylish. You would never guess it was an apartment designed for a 40+ old guy.

Even the work room and the bedroom look like a dream scenario for a comics and cartoons fan. Disney in the first room, Coca Cola in the second, and you have a winning combination.

The Coca Cola room looks extremely stylish and fashionable with all those posters, the guitar and the fan on the ceiling.