HDB 4-Room Contemporary @ Blk 839 Tampines St 83

HDB 4-Room Contemporary @ Blk 839 Tampines St 83

Innovation is the best term to describe the apartment. There are tons of ideas and tricks that the designer has shown from his arsenal.

Starting from the living room, for extra depth, the wall behind the TV is simply extraordinary. A mirror like wall that reflects everything, wooden cabinet and an artistic sculpture to wrap it all around, makes this section of the apartment stunning.

High gloss material is used for almost every piece of furniture in the apartment giving it premium, expensive feel.

The mosaics in the working room are interesting, playful and unconventional. Rarely you can see blue, grey and white colors working so perfectly, but they blend into one big element.

The bedroom is another room where the talent of the designer and his thinking out of the box is at full display. We’ve seen built in TVs in the wall before, but this one comes with a cabinet in two colors that works as a special, signature element of the room.