HDB 4-Room BTO Vintage Contemporary @ Punggol Emerald

HDB 4-Room BTO Vintage Contemporary @ Punggol Emerald

Imagine grandma’s cottage house and a five star hotel. Then mix them together, and the result is a vintage contemporary combination that works perfectly if executed well. Which in this case, you can it has been.

The challenge for mixing these two styles together is to try and not favor one of them, but strike the right kind of balance. Even better if the vintage elements complement the contemporary elements.

Contemporary will always dominate, but picking vintage elements that complement the sum, and do not take the starlight is hard. In this apartment, the vintage elements are more subtle, but they are there. The wooden windows in the living room for example or the dining table in the dining room.

Once you get to the other rooms, however, the contemporary style dominates even more, but that is not wrong. You still have that old school feeling, it is just not emphasized too much.