HDB 4-Room BTO Grand Palais @ Blk 428A Yishun Flora Spring

HDB 4-Room BTO Grand Palais @ Blk 428A Yishun Flora Spring

This is a HDB BTO 4-room project located at Floral Spring in Yishun. Of grand palais living, trio gold color scheme exudes a palais style of living within.

From custom crafted ceiling to cabinets and fixtures, complements the overall sense of artistic impression. If you ever wondered how a home of a rich guy, with eccentric style would look, you have the winner here. The apartment tries to mimic some of the luxury and stateliness of the Grand Palais, and succeeds in some aspects.

Right from the living room, you have the feeling you’ve entered a state of the art luxury home. Money doesn’t speak anymore, gold does. And with that in mind, the color of gold dominates and completely overwhelms the room.
From there, you continue through a spacious long and elegant halfway to the bedroom and other rooms.

The eccentric style is mostly noticeable in the bedroom, where a floating bed with neon lighting looks like it has come from a movie. Located next to the bedroom, the private dresser room with walk in wardrobe provides the ideal environment to get ready for a cocktail party, business meeting, or a casual branch.

The luxurious feeling is expressed by various royal objects, such as the chandeliers. And you get a private corner for powder room or grooming.

State of the art equipment is used in the kitchen, with a large countertop for food preparation.
The bathroom is rather simple, yet elegant and luxurious. The shower provides enough room not just for one person, but for two.

Sauve and style consciousness is injected into the unique identity of this 4-Room abode creating an air of luxury.

An elegant hallway of glamour and style.

Grand ‘floating’ bed inspired by luxurious villas.

Walk-in wardrobe with dresser dominate the room with aura of a Royal.

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