HDB 3D Ideas @ Edgefields Plain

HDB 3D Ideas @ Edgefields Plain

If you want quality, this kitchen has abundance of it. High gloss furniture was used for the elements in the kitchen, making it modern and elegant.

However, quality is not the only adjective you can use. Right next on it is playful, and energetic. The reddish-brown color is an excellent choice, and even though rather unusual and rarely seen in the kitchen, it looks perfect and fits just right.

The contrast is on pair. Instead of the classic black and white combination, the designer has chosen another color as an alternative to black, and the result is astonishing.

The bedroom is romantic, with the light violet color excellently complemented by green flowers and the wardrobe. The designer has also managed to add an additional dimension the wall above the bed, which adds the opportunity for another color to be introduced. Masterpiece, if we may say.