HDB 3D Design Ideas

HDB 3D Design Ideas

Pulling off a 3D effect as part of the design can be quite the challenge. Given the right materials, furnishings, color scheme and decor however, this designer was able to nail the task and come up with a fabulous 3D living room.

3D effects add depth and character to a room, making it more visually appealing and unique. The said effect was achieved in the living room through the layering of the materials and decor. The white wall was semi-covered in bricks at the right places after which the arrangement of the sofa and the framed pictures. Knowing how to layer your home decor can help you achieve the 3D effect you want for your space.

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The walk in wardrobe is the main feature in the bedroom. The glass from both sides gives you a sense of depth and the visual play on your clothes adds quirkiness to the room.

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The oven which was tucked in between shelves and cabinets was an ingenious way of making form and function work together in the kitchen. Since the space in this area is compact and requires a lot of movement, the designer made sure to achieve both without sacrificing  either by getting an oven that does is not bulky to take up too much space in the room.