HDB 3-Room With Modern, Clean & Stylish Outlook

HDB 3-Room With Modern, Clean & Stylish Outlook

Once you opt for a clean and monochromatic interior design, you must add few elements to add life, color, character and style in the space.

Each and every element in the room serves its purpose here. Starting from the wooden frames on the furniture for extra style, up to the green artificial plant for color and life. You can notice the light wooden borders almost on every element in the living room and the dining room.

In the kitchen, the color of the wooden elements goes darker, just so they can be separated and emphasized. The grayish, silver color theme continues, which is a color perfectly suited for modern and contemporary designs.

The bedroom seems like the room where everything blends together. Both the lighter wooden color and the darker are present, as well as the same plant. The plant has been used in the same form in order to add a continuous line to every room. And the cherry on the icing is the word picture above the headboard in the bedroom.