Glossy Modern Scandinavian Design

Glossy Modern Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian style requires a lot of timber, and in this case, the raw finishing of the timber serves as the ideal contrast of the modern, glossy finishing.

Most of the modern aspects of the interior, including coffee tables, dining tables and chairs are done in a mat, metallic finishing, which gives a glossy outlook.

In most cases, such glossy approach might make the environment look comical, but the raw and nature timber is there to compensate.

Let’s start from the living room, where the designer has split the TV feature wall in two sections. The first, main section is the TV with a marble background, while the second is minimalistic, floor to ceiling timber made cabinet.

The two display niches in the cabinet ensure make the cabinet look compact, not like one pile of wood. In the dining room, which is just next to the entry hall, the designer uses mirrors to visually enhance and enlarge the space.

And in the bedrooms, one characteristic is the use of drop ceiling panels, used to visually separate the rooms into two different sections.