from floor plan to 3d models

In this video, our designer Shumin explains how the 2D drawings on a floor plan can be converted to the 3D models.

Once the 3D models are generated, the designer looks through to ensure that they are as accurate as possible as compared to the floor plan.

Finally, the 3D models will be sent for rendering which will normally take a couple of hours to produce a realistic 3D design drawing.

Here’s the transcript of the entire video, you can also play and pause the video at the same time.

Here’s the transcript of the entire video:
Hi, I’m Shumin from Vegas interior design.
And this is the second step following from the previous step, where we created the floor plan from scratch.
So right now, this is the 3D part. This is how we generate a 3D from a floor plan.
So this is the main entrance from my owner’s house. And right here is the full height shoe cabinet.
We made a niche here because there’s an intercom and few switches here, so there has to be a space for her to access the intercom.
And then these are just cabinets…. and there’s a niche here also for owner to put her keys and letters after she came back home.
And then following here, this is just an extension of an island for owner as she needed more table top space.
As you know, the new condo have small kitchen. The owner don’t have enough table top space, so we made one for her over here.
In order to flush this thing with the shoe cabinet here, we had to make into a one-metre tall island with cabinets in front and at the back, so as to have extra storage.
Over here, it used to be a niche made for washing machine. So we converted it to drawers for the owner to store more of her cutleries, utensils, pots and pans. That’s all for the kitchen area
Coming out towards the dining area, the owner wants something like a “buffet console”.
So we made a big feature over here with a lot of cabinets because she needs a lot of storage.
And a couple of shelves for her to put display, and the niche right here is for the owner to push the table in when not in use, so that she can create more walking space in that way.