Examples of Modern Interiors to Inspire You

Examples of Modern Interiors to Inspire You


Making a small HDB flat look stylish and modern need not be a challenge. Take for example this living room which looks chic and elegant. The stark white walls mix together with the black and beige color scheme. The cabinets can double as decor display and the blue accent wall gives life to the room.

The use of a plush carpet and a glass coffee table makes the room look effortlessly classy. To make a room tasteful and chic, make sure that the decor and the furniture mix well together.


A spotless kitchen is achievable with white walls and floors coupled with wooden cabinets. The black-framed glass windows are the current trend in giving the illusion of space to a small area. The overhead cupboards in white compliment the wooden cabinets below the stove.


White is the most suitable color to give the impression that a room is large when it is in actually small. It maintains a fresh look especially with the big framed windows. The sofa which is the only brightly  colored furnishing in the room is the most ideal accent piece that mingles well with the other posh decors. Pin lights overheard exude an aura of refined taste.


Sleek storage compartments that are lined up against the white walls make available space which is needed in the kitchen. There is a sense of continuous energy flow the way the refrigerator and the cabinets are lined side by side. The painting at the back is a nice accent piece that makes the room livelier.


Wooden accents and furnishings go hand in hand with stark white walls and flooring very well. It gives the notion that the whole area is clean, big and modern. Accent walls in black help make the whole design of the unit more elegant and chic. The dining area is made to look bigger than it is with the help  of a rug underneath.