de style interior modern common bathroom

de style interior modern dining area
Most of the interior in the apartment resembles modern style. What makes the apartment special and unique is the moment you enter it.

At the entry hall, the designer places a built in shoes cabinet with mirrors, and a settee for comfort and coziness. The shoes cabinet uses white and brown for contrast, but what is interesting is the use of brown laminate for the inside frame of the cabinet.

As for the seating area, the designer manages to make the interior even more comfortable and cozy. It also doesn’t hurt to have a nice seating area when you are putting shoes on. 

de style interior modern living area full cabinet tv feature wall
Black and white is a thing of the past. White and brown is the new contrast that is gaining popularity among modern interiors, and in this case, we see it executed perfectly.

Going into the living area, we see the full glory of the brown and white contrast on the TV feature wall. To add enough storage, the designer uses a full wall, floor to ceiling TV feature wall cabinet, with just little horizontal display niches in it the middle.

de style interior modern kitchen raw timber finishing
Once you get to the kitchen, it is where the designer opts for more natural approach to the modern concept. For the kitchen elements, the designer uses raw wooden finishing, but again sticks to the brown and white contrast.

de style interior modern master bedroom de style interior modern master bedroom 1
Wooden laminates and mirror dominate the interior in the master bedroom as well, where the designer uses the materials for the floor to ceiling wardrobe cabinet. False ceiling helps the designer create a sky like effect in the bedroom.

de style interior modern common bathroom