Eclectic Scandinavian Design For Your HDB BTO Flat

Eclectic Scandinavian Design For Your HDB BTO Flat


This eclectic Scandinavian interior design is also another favourite design. In these photos in particular, it shows an ideal use of space for a family.


Although there is limited space, each area is used to it’s best advantage. The presence of a dining and a higher work area that are adjacent to each other is space efficient without appearing too bulky or cramped.


Creating levels is a great way to save space. A clear example of this is the high seats and suspended bike.


The entertainment is space yet spacious and the accent wall gives it a manly feel.

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The use of white walls really opens up the space and the white marbled floors makes the area look clean and well kept.


Kitchens do not need so much space to move around but should have lots of storage and counter space like in this sample.


This is a perfect example of a well maintained and space efficient home especially if you live alone or with another person.