Design Ideas For Minimalist Concept

Design Ideas For Minimalist Concept

Influenced by Japanese tradition and Zen philosophy, minimalistic design sticks to the motto “Less is more” It might not be the flashiest or the most popular design, but more and more people are accepting the style that tends to strip down the space to essential and minimal elements.

In this case, we have an entrance hall, a lobby where there is no visible shoes wardrobe, or anything else. The signature mark of the lobby is the exotic plant, without which the space feels dull.

As you continue to the dining room, you are greeted only by a table and chairs, lamp and a very interesting chandelier. Nothing to distract you, just sit down and eat, and enjoy the company of your friends and family.

Exotic plants are again the signature mark of the living room, continuing the flow of energy that starts from the entrance hall. While everything looks minimalistic, the design and style of elements is actually very modern and contemporary. And for book readers out there, the lamp is focused spot on the place you sit, read and relax.

As with the other rooms, the trick with minimalistic style is to have as little elements as possible, but those that are there, must pop up and be extremely beautiful and attractive. Such is the case with the bedroom and the wall above the bed.