Design Ideas For Kitchen in HDB, Condo, Landed

Design Ideas For Kitchen in HDB, Condo, Landed

Here are some creatively designed, contemporary kitchen ideas for the HDB, condo or landed. These exceptionally beautiful and functional kitchens are designed using the best in materials and following the latest trends in kitchen design.

The flawless workmanship can be observed in the efficiently installed kitchen cabinets and counter tops. Every bit of kitchen space is cleverly utilized. Strategically placed lighting and mostly white color scheme gives spacious look to the otherwise small kitchen.

Restrained use of beige, black and dark brown colors creates striking contrast in the entire color scheme. The color and texture of the floor tiles also add an interesting element to the kitchen design.

Glazed kitchen cabinets with angular design and smooth finishing look simple yet elegant. All the kitchen appliances can be organized skillfully in their assigned space.

Utensils, cookware and flatware are also allocated their specific space. The height of the counter top and placement of sink make it relatively easy and enjoyable to cook.