Creative Woody Bedroom

Creative Woody Bedroom

Wood can be used for different styles and goals. And it doesn’t always have to be natural wood. Laminates are also a good option. In this bedroom, we see different types of woods for different goals.

The first thing that the designer does is to raise the headboard to the ceiling to add a partition in the room. The room gets an extra wall, which thanks to the wood finishing looks stylish, but is functional in the same time.

Since the room needs to be comfortable and cozy, and the designer doesn’t have a lot of room to operate, he has raised the level of the bed for a few more inches to get deeper drawers for even more storage.

When you look at the room as a sum, you notice it is actually split in four different areas. The bed and the sleeping area, the working area, a seating area next to the windows and a hallway area with a huge full body mirror.

All of these corners are possible thanks to wooden partitions and walls.