Cozy Living Room With Various Colors and Textures

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Cozy Living Room With Various Colors and Textures

de style various colors living area
At first glance, the interior of this modern apartment is common, simple and just your everyday apartment. But look deeper, and you’ll notice different textures, colors and styles mixed and matched together to create unique and alluring interior. 

Starting from the living area, where naturally, the TV feature wall is the signature element. In this case, the feature wall is split in half, with one half made out of wooden laminate, while the other is made out of tanned dark glass. The mixture is perfect for the modern outlook and setting.

In the dining area, we have another interesting mixture, this time the dining table. A rarely seen combination of timber and quarts, the dining table is modern, but also traditional and provides warmth to the interior.

The designer uses the similar concept of quarts and timber for the kitchen, but this is a room where are used to see wooden furniture matched with quarts countertop. What the designer does different is to use contrast color for the upper and lower elements.

In the master bedroom, the designer makes an interesting choice of not leaving a single wall nude. Almost one third of the room is covered by the TV console combined with wardrobe, while the other section is covered in textured wallpaper.

In the common bedrooms, we see different styles, all portraying the unique character of the owner of the room. We also see a different design for the main carpentry element, which is the wardrobe. Both wardrobes feature a side element, but in one of the rooms the side element is used for a calming and relaxing section combined with the nightstand, while in the other case the side section is a display niche.

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