Cozy Design @ The Trevista

Cozy Design @ The Trevista

inzz studio cozy The Trevista

It has become the general rule of thumb for contemporary and modern designs. You want to make a room look cozy, traditional and warm, add wood. And lots of it. In fact, the more the better.

But the designer doesn’t stop at the wooden elements and furniture here. To accomplish that warm, cozy and comfortable feeling of the traditional home, he goes one or two steps further. Just check the wall behind the TV, which looks like grandma’s cottage, but in a modern and elegant way.

Another theme that is visible in all of the rooms is being practical and multifunctional with the furniture. You might think the stairs to the bed in the bedroom are just for elegance, but the space beneath can be used in multiple ways, storage being the first one.

Storage solutions is the theme in the small children room / bedroom / office room as well. There are two different options, with different color and design, but adding extra storage is priority with both of them. Second priority is adding light and colors that blend and work good with white.

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