Cosy Design @ Lake Vista

Cosy Design @ Lake Vista

Wood makes everything warm and cozy. That is the rule that designers follow when they want to add warmth to a modern and contemporary homes.

Here, you have the warm feeling of the wooden interior opposed to the contemporary, modern grey, white contemporary style in the living room. Take off the wooden wall, and the outlook of the room completely changes.

But it is not just the wall that adds that warm feeling. All the shelves are also made out of brown, genuine wood.

The bedroom also has wooden elements and a green plant for extra dose of nature in it.

The colors of the walls perfectly complement the wood, and they blend together in a perfect mix that you cannot distinguish where the wood starts, where it ends, and where the wall starts.

The apartment also has an artistic feel in it, expressed by several sculptures in the living room, bedroom and a special part in the work room.