Contemporary Vs Scandinavian At The Panorama

Contemporary Vs Scandinavian At The Panorama

The designer gives two options for each room of the interior. And while the layout and the furniture elements are mostly the same, the finishing touches and accessories are not.

In one case, the result is more contemporary and urban interior, while in the second, the result is Scandinavian and industrial theme.


But let’s start from the living area, where the designer installs full floor to ceiling windows. By installing a small faux wall just next to the entry door, the designer has added space for a TV feature wall and has created a small entry hall.

The difference between the urban and the industrial theme is in the upper finishing of the wall and the ceiling light.
In the master bedroom, the difference between the two choices comes down to the headboard. In the modern and urban looking, we get luxurious, leather made headboard that serves as a full feature wall.

In the industrial theme, the headboard is actually a mosaic like with many different geometric shapes and illumination between them.

The master bedroom with a platform is one of the best ways to distinguish the two styles. For the contemporary style, leather finishing is featured for the nightstand.

One key difference is that for the Scandinavian style theme, the platform continues and creates a frame around the whole interior going to the wall and the ceiling.