Contemporary Theme For HDB

Contemporary Theme For HDB

It is a common perception for contemporary homes that they are cold and minimalist, but that is far from reality. The interior is designed in a way that is less cluttered and dark, providing quiet and comfortable retreat.

The focus is put on simplicity, texture, clean lines and subtle sophistication. The black color on the furniture serves perfectly to ground and define the room.

The theme of the kitchen is go basic, bold, bare and structural. There are no excessive details and elements, and with a touch of metal here and there, the end result is a sleek finish with clean look.

It is all about lines and bold, yet subtle statements in the bedrooms. The wall is perfectly used for wall art. Every piece in the bedrooms stands out as individual and unique.

While less is more applies here as well, the bare space on the walls and on the floor has been perfectly used to put an object that stands out.