Condo Look Alike HDB 4-Room Flat That Is Stunning

Condo Look Alike HDB 4-Room Flat That Is Stunning


With so much space to work with, it can often be scary and at the same time, overwhelming to decorate a space with larger areas as compared to other designs. There is a thin line between overdoing it and not doing it enough when it comes to decorating but this home will show you just the right mix.


For a quick meal, why not place a small table inside your kitchen so  you can have meals there and go as soon as you have to.


The biggest advantage about having a big space is never having to worry about storage space. Use empty spaces as cabinet space, you save more this way rather than building a walk- in closet.


The kitchen area not only has enough space to move around but it also has lots of counter space which is also an important aspect.


The spacious master bedroom.


The kitchen leading to the hallway.


A second bedroom with lots of studying and work out space.


The living room.