Comfortable and Welcoming Contemporary Design

Comfortable and Welcoming Contemporary Design


Contemporary interiors have a way of being very comfortable and welcoming with the absence of clutter and dark portions in the room.

This design which was done by Chloe for Weiken and she practices the 2 basic rules for contemporary such as simplicity, sophistication which is subtle and clean lines. As you will notice in this collection, this home focuses more on space rather than decorations and things.

By doing so and by focusing on the key features such as the color, space, shape and by enhancing the sleek features and ambiance of this house, the complete contemporary design is achieved.


The living room is very beautiful and uses light and darker colors to create a beautiful contract.


Placing a piano in the area is a very contemporary and beautiful addition to add in any home.


Through the use of different hues and textures, a wonderful walk way is created which creates a beautiful entrance path for the home owners and their guests.