Clean and Simple Modern Contemporary Design

Clean and Simple Modern Contemporary Design

Aside from the living room, every other room is done in a simple and clean manner.

However, the living room can be best described as extravagant. What makes the living area extravagant is the TV feature wall and the cabinet next to it. Both cabinets have been used in a way to separate the living from the dining area.

Done in a dark brown timber, with glass mirrors and LED lights, the cabinets scream extravaganza due to the sculptures placed in the display niches. The round coffee table made out of glass only complements the extravagant feel of the living area.

For the kitchen, the designer proposes two options: one without a kitchen island in the middle, and one with a kitchen island. The difference makes for some valuable space. What is interesting about the kitchen is the finishing of the kitchen elements.

From the outside, the design of the wardrobe fits nicely into the interior as well.
As mentioned, the goal in other rooms is to make them as simple as possible, all while keeping them elegant and preserving space. In the bedroom, that is achieved thanks to a built in wardrobe that is perfectly organised with boxes for extra space.

In past years, for modern and contemporary designs, we see MDF high gloss finishing for the elements. But the designer has opted for more natural look in this case.