Classy, Timeless and Sophisticated Interior For HDB Homes

Classy, Timeless and Sophisticated Interior For HDB Homes

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Most of the posts we share on this site circulate around white washed homes or homes that are very modernized. In today’s post, we are going to still focus on another angle of sophisticated homes that are also a good design idea especially for someone who is not such a fan of the white on white trends.

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These designs, although are pre dominantly are still white, are drawn out of focus due to it’s complimentary colors which are shades of brown and bronze. This adds a bit of a timely feel but with the right interior designs, it still has that modern appeal.

The floating desks being one of them.

de style 3

The accent wall and the matching geometric storage spaces definitely make it feel very modern and saves so much space.

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If you cater to a small family and no longer need a table, opting for a counter with high chairs are an even better idea.

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Storage is always the key feature which can also be seen in the photo of the comfort room.