How To Choose The Perfect Lighting For Your Home

How To Choose The Perfect Lighting For Your Home


Kitchen lights need more lighting since every space of the area is important. Overhead lights are good for basic tasks but also have extra lighting in specific areas. 


These are over kitchen islands, over sinks or your bar area. Pendant lights or spotlights are perfect fixtures for this.


Having a focal point in living room sets the appropriate mood upon entering your home.


Having a big chandelier, artwork, and photos can enhance your homes beauty. Adding light to this piece also catches attention.


Pendant lights are a unique alternative from lamps


Overhead lights above your bed are perfect but it is also nice to have a dim or yellow light around to help you fall asleep.


Adding series or pixie lights is a very affordable and quick option to spice up any room.


It’s perfect for young girls and anyone who is looking for an eye catching piece in their room.


Task lighting is very important for bathrooms. There should be enough lighting for the face, toilet and bathing area. It also helps to have a dimmer switch for a more relaxing experience