Bohemian‬ Chic With A Touch Of Colonial‬ Elegance‬

Bohemian‬ Chic With A Touch Of Colonial‬ Elegance‬

Done in a bohemian chic style, this apartment is best suited for people who think outside of the box. One of the first principles of bohemian chic is to cover everything in the apartment.

If there is an empty space, cover with accessories. The designer, in this case, has decided to cover everything with different wallpaper.


You are hard pressed to find a “naked, nude” wall in the apartment. However, one difference that makes the apartment different from other bohemian chic is the simple and classic elegance of it. The designer adds accessories and wallpapers, but does it in a perfect balance.

The result is a clean, elegant and interesting interior that looks both comfortable and playful in the same time.

It is interesting to see also how the designer manages to incorporate different vintage and retro elements into the interior, such as the clocks and the mirrors.
The furniture is also retro, and the best furniture piece has to be the table in the dining/living area. The round table has hidden storage, which helps the element fit perfectly into the minimalistic design.