Black And White Modern At Anchorvale Crescent

Black And White Modern At Anchorvale Crescent

On first glance, the apartment looks like any other modern decorated apartment. But look through the features, and you’ll notice there is something unique in every room.

Starting from the living area, which is spacious and decorated in minimalistic style, the designer has used bricks as a feature on both walls, adding texture to make it unique. A lunar crescent chair for relaxation doesn’t hurt as well.


The dining area is as spacious as possible, as the designer has placed just one kitchen island with chairs on both sides. The dining area is actually entrance to the kitchen, but it occupies large space.


In the kitchen, the black finishing on the elements provides dramatic feeling, while the quarts top is the vow factor. You might not notice the quarts on first glance, but it is a material that adds quality factor to the kitchen.

The bedroom looks more spacious thanks to the fact that there is no wardrobe in it. The solution that the designer provides is a sliding door entrance to a walk in wardrobe.