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KompacPanel is a wood countertop that is gaining popularity in recent years due to its sleekness and safety properties. Highly fire resistant, KompacPanel is also stain and microorganism resistant. But the best part is, the material is just 6mm thick, making it sleek and unique in its own way. 

However, one downside of KompacPanel is that it is slightly more expensive than solid/hard wood.

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Wood has become such a huge part of the interior design, especially with the increasing popularity of Scandinavian and Industrial design where the wood as a material is the centerpiece.

urban habitat kitchen countertops solid wood
The material, also makes its way into the kitchen, as an option for the countertop. The first option when it comes to wood for the countertop is hardwood or solid wood.

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The benefits of solid wood are that there are endless possibilities for colors and looks, and as a good wine, wood ages beautifully. The older the countertop is, the more beautiful it looks.

Maintenance is the biggest issue, as you must clean it frequently and you must be careful. Problems occur when you leave water on it. Keep your wood countertop dry at all times.

But the beauty is solid wood is heat resistant, and offers natural, anti-bacterial benefits as well, all while providing your kitchen with a warm feeling.