Beautiful Walk In Wardrobe Every Women Loves!

Beautiful Walk In Wardrobe Every Women Loves!


The walk in wardrobe is separated from the bedroom via swing doors. This allows easy access from one room to the other. The white cabinets and shelves make the area look pristine and sophisticated and is well complemented by the chandelier and the black seat.


For those with the luxury of space in an apartment, the Victorian design concept works best. Using this theme for small flats can still work using the right elements and tools. If you’re looking at creating a home that feels and looks sophisticated and Victorian, remember to keep the following in mind.


Use cream based colors or white. This is one of the major elements when designing a home that looks and feels Victorian. The dining area is a good example because of the color palette that was used revolved around cream, white and beige which gives the space illusion of depth.


A high ceiling is best complemented  with chandeliers to create the dramatic effect Victorian concept is best known for. Wall to floor drapes that can cover the glass paneled frames of the veranda add texture as well as the plush sofa.


The use of gold with white is another way to achieve the look and feel of the Victorian theme. The kitchen’s cream tiled floor matched the white and gold storage cabinets. The space looked lighter and less bulky than most kitchens would appear because of the color scheme.


By using mirrors and glass in any area of the apartment, you automatically create the illusion of even bigger space. In this living room, the designer used soft, plush sofa furnishings in gold and dark blue to symbolize luxury and elegance which is the prime characteristic of Victorian design.


Use of big and plush furniture is one of the basic components of Victorian design. The living area was able to show exactly how it should look like. There is also minimal use of other home decor as the furnishings alone are decorative enough. An antique clock serves as the only decor to this area.


The bedroom also follows the grand Victorian theme. Darker colors were used for this bedroom as seen in the sofa and the platform where the mattress is placed. Gold drapes and a nightstand add the elegance to the room. Overall, the room looks fit for a king or queen.


A closer look at the cabinets, you see the gold handles that add the touch of style to the furniture. It goes well with the wood flooring that is always a good material if you are looking to achieve a sense of luxury to your space.