Beautiful Marble Laminated Feature Wall You Never Seen Before

Beautiful Marble Laminated Feature Wall You Never Seen Before


The highlight of this Scandinavian inspired room is it’s marble laminated TV feature wall which adds depth and a unique twist to this concept.


The wooden features adds a simple extra detail to this dinning area space.


The addition of bed sheets that really stand is a great way to add some character to any room.


This kitchen area stands out with the unique tile patterns against the walls and the uniform wooden details and color theme.


The use of warm lights creates a very relaxing and inviting ambiance.


Having full length mirrors against the wall really helps in making any space look much more spacious.


Using glass dividers also has the same effect and allows continuity in interior details like floor patterns and wooden detailing.

12440412_1693034264268565_6851611140912131145_oKeeping the colors the same color also encourages fluidity in the design.


The mixture of white tiles, matte wood and marble is a great combination for Scandinavian themed homes.