Beautiful Kitchen That Gives You Lots of Storage Spaces

Beautiful Kitchen That Gives You Lots of Storage Spaces

kitchen 1

This is a beautiful kitchen that is functional as it provides you with lots of storage spaces. Often times the best color combination to a home is to mix white, which is the prominent color, with neutral colors and a little bit of dark hues just to maintain balance. 

kitchen 2

Aside from the accent wall with the neutral colors and beautiful designs, adjacent to this is the appliance area and the Japanese styled walls that open up the room and give it the illusion of having more space. The coordinating colors add an extra feel to the overall look of the room.

living room

The living space involves shades of blue which is not a neutral color but still adds a nice pop to the room. The brown accents on the ceiling brings the room together without taking up too much space which is a great way to utilize space and carry out a great design.

smoking area 2

shoe cabinet

Lots of storage to keep your home neat and tidy. In this home, it has incorporated this design philosophy into their homes and have beautifully transformed it into their ideal living space.