Beautiful Home You Never Thought It’s A HDB Flat

Beautiful Home You Never Thought It’s A HDB Flat

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Interior Design, like other forms of design, goes through different trends depending on the time and culture. If you aren’t familiar with interior design, contemporary design is used to signify what is being produced right now. In other words, it means what is popular right now, similar to pop music. There are people who will always prefer a style from a different era but contemporary designs are producing some beautiful results. In this article we’re going to take a look at a great contemporary interior design in Singapore.

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The design boasts an impressively large living room which can be used to accommodate a lot of guests. On one side of the room is a large table which can seat 8 people for dinner parties. The other side of the room provides 4 tanned and super comfortable looking armchairs. These are appropriately positioned against an embedded in the wall flat screen TV for movie nights with friends. For a completely comfortable experience, a traditional fan is positioned above to offset the Singaporean heat.

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This contemporary design makes sure to cater to the food lovers out there with a spacious and orderly kitchen. With beautiful mahogany cupboards and a marble kitchen counter, you will be motivated to spend more time working on your culinary skills. The kitchen has all the features of a traditional kitchen such as a microwave, washing machine, oven and cooker, but does it in a classy style.

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The living room extends further back to create a lengthy open space. There is a cabinet that can be used to store ornamental items such as vases and pictures for your guests to browse. To the right of this is a multi-coloured tile wall which leads to the bathroom area.

There are two bedrooms. The largest bedroom provides a relaxing, white aesthetic and a large bed which you can imagine yourself collapsing into after a long day. There are also lampshades on both sides of the bed for those who like to read before they doze off. The room also offers wardrobes for you to store your clothes.

The second bedroom is slightly smaller but still provides a lot of room to move around. This room is more catered for those who like to do work as there is a wide desk with charging ports near the window. The room is slightly darker but more colourful than the other room which provides an option depending on your aesthetic preference. Both rooms offer ceiling fans at the top to help you get a better sleep and provide wooden flooring for easier maintenance.

Overall, the design of this apartment is both spacious and minimalistic which are trademarks of contemporary design. The colours used are relaxing and give a homely feel which feels very modern, but also provides snippets of traditional design to add character.