Beautiful HDB Resale 4-Room Modern Scandinavian

Beautiful HDB Resale 4-Room Modern Scandinavian


For someone who is into a modern and artistic approach when it comes to their interior designs, this set is a good stray from the typical minimalist Scandinavian designs that have been so popular in the past years.

This 4- room modern Scandinavian home boasts of modern designs that are clean and injected with quirky designs but still with a clean finish that does not compromise functionality over design.


Contrary to the white washed and crisp designs, this home is filled with darker hues and eye catching statements all over that are sure to keep guests interested and entertained.

There are very little shades of white in this home and the dark hues are complemented with lighter shades of brown and beautiful lighting to open up the space.


The presence of suspended bike racks, exposed lighting and hanging light fixtures adds more depth to the room and at the same time, it makes use of all the areas of the house making sure that each corner is used wisely.