Author: Inzz Studio

It takes only one element to completely change the whole look of an apartment. Sometimes, all you need to do is add a home decor or a bit of color to certain parts of the flat and you get results that are just amazing. Just by the looks of the living area, you already know in an instant that it takes on a modern theme. From the whitewash of the brick walls to the color scheme down the minimalist take on the furnishings and decors. What takes center stage in the living area is the feature wall of the TV as illuminated shelves are attached to it to give the area some shape and the illusion of depth.

Mixing different design themes for one home, can actually work and it can even look better than having to stick to just one design. This HDB flat is a good example of such an idea. The living and dining areas are very reminiscent of the minimalist Scandinavian design. Clean, pristine,neutral color scheme with a slight mingling of wood. This is the beauty of the Scandinavian theme. The living area is both simple and elegant at the same time. The careful choice of materials and colors mix well together to achieve the desired effect. Theater lighting creates a cozy mood in the area and the soft couch makes one want to lounge around the whole day. A feature wall  where the TV is attached adds a classy touch to the space.