Author: Interior Doctor

1 Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would be one of the millions of people around the world who use the LINE messaging app. This HDB flat pays homage to the two main characters, Brown and Cony, who are the owners’ favourites. The designer took on the challenge by incorporating the colors of Brown and Cony to the interiors. White walls and rich brown wood make up the overall palette of the apartment. Lighting is hidden in the woodwork to make it look bright and classy. The living area takes on a minimalistic design as it is devoid of too much furnishings. It stands out on its own with only the sofa and the small coffee table to make the space cozy.

interior doctor modern minimalistic scandinavian shoe cabinet Another great looking carpentry item is the shoe cabinet that welcomes guests as they enter the apartment. The designer uses similar wooden laminate, albeit a little lighter than the one for the TV feature wall. Placing a display niche in the middle mixes up the shoes cabinet and gives it playfulness, while the lower carved in section is a nice touch for storing shoes. 

interior doctor modern contemporary living area Grey color scheme has been used for the interior in order to create cozy, comfortable and relaxing interior. In the living area, the signature element might not be visible for some, as the best part is the false ceiling, which adds depth to the room. And with so much height in the room, the designer has opted for floating shelves opposite the TV feature wall to maximise the space.