Author: Interior Doctor

1 One of the many constraints of living in a HDB or a condo is the lack of space. Maximizing the little area that you have in order to come up with a comfortable and beautiful home is a common challenge for interior designers. What they do is to employ tricks of the trade to make a seemingly small space look more spacious than it actually is. This living area for example is obviously limited in space, yet the designer was able to make it look larger by using white as the main color scheme. White instantly enhances any space, and when complemented with a platform ceiling and appropriate lighting, the living area looks bigger and roomier than the original.

1 One of the best ways to create depth and space in any home, big or small, is to use partitions at key areas of your apartment. This can be done regardless of the theme or design concept of the house. This flat takes on a modern luxury concept just by looking at the furnishings and home decors. The living area is posh and stylish with its neutral color scheme. Ceiling to floor shelf-cabinets are used at one corner to enclose the area.

1 This modern contemporary condo unit has lots of surprises for guest to marvel at. The living room alone looks quite large than it is because of the high ceiling that is further enhanced by the drop-chandelier. All the elements in this room complement each other, from the materials, color palette and furnishings. The TV feature wall is stark and basic and yet it manages to add texture and a strong sense of character to the living area.

1 Making a small apartment appear bigger is the most challenging part of a designer’s job. This flat included. To make all areas of the home look larger, the designer employed several tricks that created depth and the illusion of space. The ceiling that connects to the TV feature wall is made deeper compared to the rest of the ceiling of the house. This in turn resulted to a look of bigger space in the living room. This was even fortified by the large windows that are covered by curtains and the use of white and cream as the main color palette.