There is always a sense of comfort when a designer makes use of wood and brick as materials to design the look of a home. These two when combined make a studio unit look bigger and give it the feel of affluence and modernity. The trick is in making sure that the colors don’t clash and the texture of the home decors and furnishings sync well together.

The sofa in this area for instance, blends well with the overall design of the unit and the brick wall on the right provides for the perfect design accent for the studio.


The use of carpentry for the theme of the studio gives off a warm ambiance that any person would definitely at home. The shelves provide ample storage area and at the same time double as decor for the unit.


The color palette of the studio is perfect because it sparks elegance in an otherwise small space. The shelves on top of the dining table are easy to access for more storage and they blend well with the staircase where they are attached.


The loft which serves as the masters bedroom syncs well with the overall design. The white walls provide the contrast to the brown tones. The shelves and cabinets that are attached low to the wall make the space look even bigger than it really is. The hanging lights provide the quirkiness and playfulness to an otherwise somber unit.


The living area is minimalist in all aspects. From palette to the chosen lighting accents down to the furnishings. The way the wall has been designed gives the room a cozy  feel which will make the owner want to lounge around the whole day.