Amazing Loft Design For Young Couples

Amazing Loft Design For Young Couples

aart box studio unit 2

Creating breathing and snug spaces with tiny areas is an incumbent yet gladdening task. This is exactly what we have alluded to with our new project- Loft Condo. The living room has been converted into a bedroom which is accessed by a barn door. The bedroom speaks of vivid hues screaming merriment and playfulness yet covered with the subtle base of the wooden flooring to balance the semblance, with the addition of a storage unit. The crafty use of metal pipes to create a shelf just adds to the décor making it an art piece in itself.

aart box studio unit 4
aart box studio unit 3
A sleek ladder lets you up to the private work space in the loft area, which restricts the guests from entering, hence making it private. This study area forms a cozy space with the addition of a television, storage cabinets, console and a mini wine area. The room speaks of decency and shades which are calm and thoroughly go with the ambiance.

aart box studio unit
The area offers you full functionality with a multipurpose endeavour and composure. The use of monochrome shades used in the floors, cabinets, curtains and furniture, help in upping the serenity and stillness in the room. A separate corner for study purpose is inbuilt which separates out and transforms the function efficiently.

aart box studio unit 6
aart box studio unit 5
This modification sets an example for an acute and elegant flip-flop with fewer substitutes.
The old-school gate beside the work area is the entrance to the new living room. This gate looks profound and simply merges with the composition. All the spaces form a connection in themselves which differ according to functionality but merge in terms of the motility and are tangible. It is usually a daunting task to make small spaces worthy of the feel and functionality they need, but this project fulfills the perception while harmonising the concept.