Amazing HDB Flat We Love

Amazing HDB Flat We Love


One will be surprised to find out that this is an actual HDB flat the moment one enters this particular unit. The design is superiorly modern and urban that you might question its affordability. The choice of colors to use for the living area fits the room effortlessly making it quite a hip and fun space to spend quality time with family and friends on a weekend.

The use of wood with the black and white furniture makes the living area look more young and gives the impression that the space is bigger than it actually is. The black famed windows that span the length of one side of the wall even add more depth to the room. The use of pin lights make the ceiling look higher, too.


The trick to making each area sync with the other parts of the flat is with the choice of home furnishings and the color combination, as well. Arrange the furnishings in such a way that the dining area may blend with the rest of the space. The picture above is a great example of how there is a continuous flow from the dining area to the living area without the feel of clutter or awkwardness.


This is another angle of the dining and living areas. The glass framed den at the back of the black sofa creates another illusion of bigger space in the flat. It is the size and arrangement of the furnishings which play a big part in making this HDB flat have a cozy urban look.


When wood furnishing is blended with black in the kitchen, you get a sense of energy and movement that is easy and free-flowing. Here you can easily move about without having to worry about the lack of space because the cupboards, cabinets and stoves were neatly stacked by the wall.


This small office is a great place where one can study or work without being disturbed. You have glass paneled doors and windows so as not to feel isolated and the cement wall gives you the Scandinavian feel where all is clean and neat. The table is cleverly attached to the sides of the walls to lessen the amount of furnishings that need to be part of the room.


The bathroom with its accent wall in the shower area makes you feel like you are a part of nature. The stone tiles are quite similar to those used in resort hotels,  thus giving this room a luxurious appeal. The same white and wood theme is evident in the bathroom to maintain the consistency of the whole design for this flat.