All White Modern Colonial At Eight Courtyards

All White Modern Colonial At Eight Courtyards

In all white designs, there are few approaches designers can take in order to avoid the risk of the space looking dull, boring and without life. One option is to add colours through accessories, and the second is with texture and interesting elements.

In this case, the design has opted for the second option, adding texture via the TV feature wall, as well as adding several interesting and playful elements in the interior (e.g. pillows on the sofa, letters on the shelves next to the TV, a single leaf next to the TV, etc…).

Clear lines follow the design of the apartment in all rooms, and black lines have been added for a little contrast to the all white design. Aside from white, the designer uses classic toned down colours to achieve that perfect simple, classic and sophisticated look.

Drapes add a touch of romantic feeling. In the bedroom, texture is again a focal point, this time through the headboard for the bed.