DBSS Modern Scandinavian Concept @ Blk 475C Parkland Residences

DBSS Modern Scandinavian Concept @ Blk 475C Parkland Residences

What you see here is innovative and creative approach for taking full advantage of the given space.

As it stands usually, small spaces need a lot of tricks in order to visually increase the space, and the oldest trick in the book is to go white for the painting. It works here as always, but taking things up a notch, the designer adds a simple element, a yellow pillow on the sofa.



While on first glance it is nothing special, it actually is the one thing that breathes life into the space. Given the fact that even the furniture is light, the space dreadfully needed something to bring it to life. Enter the yellow pillows.

Another moment worth mentioning is the wallpaper/sticker on the wall opposite the dining room, a moment that perfectly blends with the black and white combination of the dining table.

As for taking advantage of the potential and the space, the “built in” bedroom is the perfect example. While it does not provide the spacious and enormous comfort of large bedrooms, it is functional, practical and more than enough for a good night’s sleep.

One thing that the apartment has over many small spaces, is the large balcony. And that is the place where it is all about the comfort, relaxation and the stress free environment people nowadays need.