A Cute Brown and Cony Inspired HDB BTO

A Cute Brown and Cony Inspired HDB BTO


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would be one of the millions of people around the world who use the LINE messaging app. This HDB flat pays homage to the two main characters, Brown and Cony, who are the owners’ favourites.

The designer took on the challenge by incorporating the colors of Brown and Cony to the interiors. White walls and rich brown wood make up the overall palette of the apartment. Lighting is hidden in the woodwork to make it look bright and classy. The living area takes on a minimalistic design as it is devoid of too much furnishings. It stands out on its own with only the sofa and the small coffee table to make the space cozy.


Looking closely at the partition of the living area and the dining space, one can assume that 3D elements were put in place by the design team. Mirrors are placed in appropriate areas, giving the illusion of space and depth it needs. With the use of 3D elements as part of the overall design, the room looks bigger and brighter than it actually is.


The accent wall where the TV is located also gives off a 3D effect. The use of wood, lighting and mirrors give the optical illusion that the depths of field where the TV hangs is deeper into the wall when it actually is not. The rich and warm color of the wood works splendidly with the cool white walls, characteristics of Brown and Cony.


The partition doubles as a storage area for the owners’ things. The material used makes the cabinets look bigger and larger than it is in actuality. One of the secrets to making a home furnishing or a design look rich and elegant is to use wood and pair it with stark colors such as white or black. Cabinets can become decorative when this design rule is followed.


The illusion of a wider room is achieved with the use of this partition along with the accent wall where the TV is located. The key trick here is the apt placement and measurement of the space between the cabinet and the accent wall to get the 3D effect of bigger space. Brown and Cony would have approved of it.