9 Ideas To Give Your Home A Subtle Luxurious Feel

9 Ideas To Give Your Home A Subtle Luxurious Feel


When you have so much space to work with, it can be a bit intimidating especially when there are no divisions of space. Many homes make the common mistake of throwing everything in without having invisible barriers in their home making it look chaotic and unpleasing to the eyes.

This post will showcase a beautiful home with large, open spaces and great ideas for you to incorporate in your space.


As you can see in this photo of the living room, the TV area and the mini bar are intertwined. The extra storage space was strategically used to hold alcohol bottles which also adds a hint of fun and sophistication to the space.


Towards the back of the room is the dining area where guests and home owners can enjoy their dinner or sit and get together while drinking. It’s a great place for a dinning area and the round table is a great furniture option.


A view of the minibar.


The main bedroom.


The second bedroom.


Another view of the bedroom with the walk-in closet and entertainment area.


The recreational area.


The kitchen.