7 Modern Scandinavian Photos That Will Make You Choose This Design Theme

7 Modern Scandinavian Photos That Will Make You Choose This Design Theme


Urban homeowners these days are going for the straightforward design theme for their HDB apartments or condos. This is because modern Scandinavian homes are easier to maintain and more appealing to the eyes.

The living area of this HDB for instance has all the elements of a modern Scandinavian design. No obstructions, all white and neutrals color scheme, and modern furnishings to make the whole area look tasteful without the basic and boring feel of an otherwise Scandinavian home. The rug and the window blinds added the texture to the space.


The dining area may look plain and simple but because of the geometric carpet and the low hanging lights, the small space was given life and warmth. The green casing of the low light added the much needed color to the gray and wood ensemble. Even the decors on the dining table are artistic and funky to give the space its modern touch.


The kitchen interior is something every organized person will love. There is an artistic symmetry to the storage cabinets and the use of sleek kitchen appliances helped achieve a more straightforward and even manly appeal to the kitchen.


The somber color of the grey walls and tiles become refreshing because of the poster and the use of a few colored tiles in the shower area. The bathroom fixtures are basic and straightforward yet still appealing to the eyes because of their design aesthetic.


The masters’ bedroom is very modern, stylish and sleek at the same time. You instantly get the feeling that the person who occupies the room likes her space organized yet with a touch of fashionable accessories to make the space stand out. A glass sliding door separates the main bed from the dresser and carpets with patterns and different colors make the room look trendy.


The combination of dark wood with white panels for the cabinets is always an appealing way to make any space look tasteful and high-end. This is what the designer did for the walk in closet of the homeowner. The carpet design gave the room a hint of color that it needed.


Bathrooms that are designed in all-white tiles with minimal use of other colors or prints is always a welcome respite. This one in particular is a favorite because of the window in the shower area that allows you to have a view of the city as you take a shower.