6 Ways To Create Maximum Storage Space In A Small Condo Unit

6 Ways To Create Maximum Storage Space In A Small Condo Unit


Achieving the luxurious look in your home does not necessarily require a luxurious budget. A crisp and sophisticated home can easily be achieve by using marble gloss and leather laminates to replace the most expensive materials to fulfill this look.


A luxurious home also needs to address the concerns of storage which is a core design aspect in this home. Maximum storage space was a challenge in this small condominium unit but is was still achieved by incorporating them against the walls by the dinning area and in strategic places in each room.


Keeping smaller rooms open and frill free is a great way to maximize space in smaller areas. This room may be small but it is equipped with the necessary furniture.


Closet space installed along the walls leading to the restroom.


More closet space in the other study room.


A small room for guests