6 Things You Need To Know About Feature Wall

6 Things You Need To Know About Feature Wall

Feature Wall is the newest trick in the textbook of modern and contemporary styles. As the minimalistic style takes over the world, the need for a TV cabinet is seen more of a luxury than a necessity. There are still options for a TV feature wall with storage, such as carpentry, most styles seek to eliminate furniture and objects, and leave the TV wall naked. Source: Aart Boxx

1. Materials

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When it comes to materials options for the TV feature wall, there are four common choices: wallpaper, carpentry or bricks. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Let’s break them down.

The wallpaper is the cheapest option and nowadays many wallpapers are sold with texture. However, while the price is low, the quality is low as well. Wallpapers cannot withstand hot, warm and moist climate. Overtime, they start to fray, and the paper will tear by itself. In other words, you will be forced to change and reapply the wallpaper in two or three years.

Another downside of the wallpaper is that paper companies tend to charge bulk amount because selling materials and doing just one wall is not economically acceptable for them. Therefore, they charge bulk amount as you would do the whole room, but you are actually getting just one wall with wallpaper.

Next on the line is carpentry, a very good material that can also be used to hide the cables from the TV area and add extra storage. Carpentry, however is very expensive, and is rarely functional.

Tiles are another popular option, and one can argue that tiles are the most beautiful looking option for a feature wall. But other than serving the purpose of beauty, tiles do nothing more. Tiles are also tricky, as they do not complement well the parquet or laminate. Tiles look good on a feature wall only if your flooring is tiles or marble made. Tiles are also an expensive option, much more than carpentry. The biggest downside of tiles are the joints and the lines between them.

Bricks are last but not the least option. The good thing about bricks is that they can bring bold color into the design. While they can also be pale and light brown colored, the red color is a bold choice that will add character to the design.

2. Paint and Feature Wall
Probably the least expensive option for a feature wall is to paint the wall around the TV area in different color. Aside from the low price, paint has another advantage. Nowadays, there are ways that you can add texture with paint effects. In essence, you pay low price for a texture like bricks or tiles.

3. New and Old Apartment
A big part of the decision what to do with the feature wall is whether the apartment is new or old. Older apartments cannot withstand wallpapers, since the walls are usually moist. Therefore, unless you are certain that the apartment is new and the walls are dry, think of another option.

4. Gallery wall
For those who want to add a feature wall to the living room, and have a wall with “accessories”, the gallery wall is one of the first options. The trick is to make the TV an element into the gallery wall. You still need to eliminate the shelves and wall elements from the wall though. On their spot, you can pair two art pieces, stacked on top of each other or place them next to the TV.

5. Bookcase
Another option for a TV feature wall is a bookcase. You can place bookcases on both sides of the wall. This way you get balanced and full feeling.

6. Big Mirror

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Mirrors and glasses are huge deal in latest years, and the TV feature wall is not an exception. The whole wall can be turned into a huge mirror that reflects the room. This trick is welcomed in both small and large apartments, as the trick visually adds space.